California To Receive Nearly $40m For Hydrogen Buses
To launch plans for a hydrogen-powered bus fleet and refuelling station, the California State Transportation Agency has awarded the Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) a nearly $40m grant. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how the funding will kickstart a hydrogen fuelling network on the North Coast.

Through the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Programme, the $38.7m grant will see 11 new flyer fuel cell-electric buses, as well as a hydrogen refuelling station at HTA’s facility in Eureka, California.

Set to become the northern-most hydrogen refuelling station in California, HTA has said it would partner with Air Products. Air Products will design and build the station to support both buses and passenger vehicle fuelling.

The new station aims to add to the local hydrogen community by helping it hit a key milestone of 200 hydrogen refuelling stations in California.

Board Chair for the Humboldt Transit Authority, Natalie Arroyo, said: “This project is incredibly exciting for HTA; I could not be more proud of our team’s work and this opportunity for innovation.

“It’s truly a cutting-edge project to reduce emissions throughout our region while providing reliable service and support to more than 600,000 riders every year.”