California To Trial Hydrogen-Powered Bus
Ventura County, California is set to see a new hydrogen-fuel cell battery-electric bus on the roads. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the bus and how it will help Ventura County commit to clean transport and reach zero emissions by their target of 2040.

To commit to clean transport, Gold Coast Transit District (GCTD) will host a demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell bus at the beginning of June. The bus, made by New Flyer, will be at GCTD’s operations and maintenance sites to be test driven on several routes.

It comes after GCTD applied for a grant to purchase five hydrogen fuel cell buses and upgrade its facilities to incorporate hydrogen refuelling, through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emission and Bus Program for Buses and Bus Facilities Program.

GCTD has said it decided to pursue hydrogen fuel cell bus buses in its ambitions, due to the 350-mile range on a single refuel, in comparison to the shorter ranges and long recharging periods of pure battery-electric buses.

General Manager at GCTD, Vanessa Rausvhenberger, said: “We are excited about the potential for hydrogen fuel cell technology and look forward to testing the bus for a few days to give our employees and passengers a glimpse into our zero-emission future.”