Oklahoma Set To Get 10MW Electrolyser
A project that will generate green hydrogen and contribute to approximately 13,000 tonnes of zero-carbon ammonia per year in Oklahoma, United States has been announced. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the project and how it will help decarbonise the industry.

The 10MW solid oxide electrolyser has been announced by LSB Industries Inc and will use Bloom Energy’s electrolysers to produce low-cost hydrogen on a large scale.

The electrolysers will be installed at LSB’s Pryor Oklahoma facility, one of the largest ammonia production sites in North America and hope to decarbonise the production of the chemical.

Vice-President of Hydrogen Business at Bloom Energy, Rick Beuttel said: “Achieving a net-zero future requires clean hydrogen at scale, and the collaboration between Bloom Energy and LSB is a milestone for both green hydrogen production and the decarbonisation of an industry that’s vital to farmers and consumers alike.

“We’re excited to collaborate with LSB to provide significant electrolysis efficiencies, demonstrating that zero-carbon fuels are available and accessible today.”

The news comes just months after Oklahoma, among other US states unveiled plans to create a regional hydrogen hub, under the bipartisan package designed to support hydrogen technologies.