Canada To Contribute To Hydrogen Sector Through Aviation
Starting in Québec, Canada, Hy2gen Canada and SAF+ Consortium have said that they will partner to contribute to developing the hydrogen sector, including green aviation fuels. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at how the partnership will help to benefit the aviation industry.

The partnership will see the construction of numerous installations by using €200m ($215m) of capital raised by Hy2gen AG earlier this year. Installations will help to produce synthetic, green hydrogen-based fuels for land, sea, aviation, and industry.

SAF+ Consortium aims to utilise its partners, including Airbus to test the clean fuel and ADM Montréal Airport to support the transportation of the fuels.

CEO of Hy2gen and President of Hy2gen Canada, Cyril Dufau-Sansot, said: “Hy2gen is convinced that hydrogen-based renewable fuels are a perfect short-term solution to the decarbonisation of the main producers of the greenhouse gasses such as the air sector.

“Hy2gen welcomes this partnership agreement with the SAF+ Consortium as part of our efforts and our expertise to help Québec not only to meet its greenhouse goals for 2030 but also to lead the way.”

It comes just days after the Québec Government released its Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy Strategy to accelerate the production, distribution and use of green hydrogen and bioenergy.