New Hydrogen Refuelling Station Has Opened In Belgium
A new hydrogen fuel station has been opened in Wilrijk, a district of Antwerp, Belgium. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at what this new station means for the future of hydrogen in the country.

Belgium-based Colruyt Group’s energy and fuel supplier, DATS 24’s new Wilrijk hydrogen station marks the start of five new hydrogen stations in the country. DATS 24 plans to open stations in Haasrode and Erpe-Mere, near Brussels, Ollignies, and Herve.

It is hoped that this will help make hydrogen a viable alternative to fossil fuel-powered transport and that more companies will begin to introduce hydrogen-powered cars in their fleets.

Business Uni Manager at DATS 24, Raf Flebus, said:  “The aim of DATS 24 is to make hydrogen available as much as possible for the transport of people and goods.

“Driving on hydrogen is electric driving, with a combination of unique advantages: quick refuelling, emission-free driving and a guaranteed electric range of 650 to 700 km. All you need is a hydrogen filling station nearby. This is now possible for many companies in this area.”

DATS 24 opened the first integrated hydrogen filling station in Europe in 2018, in Halle, Belgium. The company has partnered with WasterstofNet, a collection of hydrogen industry players in Flanders and the south of the Netherlands.