€22m Project To Develop Hungary’s Largest Green Hydrogen Production Facility
MOL Group has revealed a new agreement with Plug Power to develop one of Europe’s most extensive green hydrogen production facilities in Hungary. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the project in more detail.

With an overall expected cost of around €22m, the project will incorporate a 10MW Plug Power electrolyser unit. The facility will be capable of producing about 1,600 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

The project will be operational in 2023 and is expected to use the green hydrogen in its Danube Refinery during the fuel production of its hydrogen system.

It will be incorporated into the molecules of MOL fuels, lowering the carbon outputs from the production technology and the final product.

Gabriel Szabó, Executive Vice-President of Downstream at MOL Group, said:  “We are convinced that hydrogen is not only one of the most critical energy carriers of the already ongoing energy transition, but it will be an essential factor in the new, carbon-neutral energy system as well.

“This new technology allows the introduction of green hydrogen production in Hungary, Százhalombatta, which makes MOL Group one of the most important players in the sustainable energy economy in the region.”

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, said: “Green hydrogen addresses two critical issues facing humanity: climate change and energy independence,” said “And our opportunities seem limitless to support the trend to pull green hydrogen into more traditional industrial hydrogen markets throughout the world.

“We are pleased to provide our state-of-the-art electrolyser technology to MOL Group’s Danube Refinery and enable MOL Group to take a big step forward in addressing these issues for the region.”