How Will Denmark Encourage A Transition To Green Fuels?
To become Denmark’s “largest” hydrogen station, the green logistics hub situated in Fredericia is to be expanded by Everfuel and Taulov Dry Port. Hydrogen Industry Leaders investigates how this will encourage a transition to green fuels.

Everfuel and Taulov Dry Port’s partnership is a natural extension of the logistics centre, supporting the Triangle Area’s vision of being a future hub for the production of green fuels.

Supporting the growing hydrogen mobility market in Denmark, the station will help transition more companies to the clean energy carrier.

Everfuel is currently building its initial PtX facility in Fredericia, which will produce the first green hydrogen later this year and provide green hydrogen to the station at Taulov Dry Port. It will see logistic companies provided with a carbon-free fuel produced from renewable energy.

Rune D. Rasmussen, CEO at Associated Danish Ports, said: “The past few years, Taulov Dry Port has built a strong market position. We are now well on our way to significantly expand the storage capacity, which will attract more clients and carriers to the area. With Everfuel’s hydrogen station, Taulov Dry Port becomes a part of the Power-to-X value chain within hydrogen infrastructure.

“Several of our clients in Taulov Dry Port will soon be ready for the transition towards new green fuels such as hydrogen. It is an important step in making the logistics hub in Taulov a key player in the green transition.”

Everfuel and Taulov Dry Port’s partnership on Demark’s “largest” hydrogen station will encourage this transition to green fuels by attracting clients and carriers.