Germany to get New Import Terminal for Green Gases
Uniper and Tree Energy Solutions (TES) have revealed a new cooperation with Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts), to plan a new import terminal for green gases, including hydrogen, at the port of Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

It will see Uniper conduct technical studies that could enable the energy supplier to import approximately 2.6 million tonnes of green ammonia per year.

If the plans come to fruition, the companies believe that when combined with the planned 1 GW electrolysis capacity at the port, the project could supply around 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen, which is 10-20 per cent of Germany’s expected demand by 2030.

With the intention of making a final investment decision this year, and hopes of starting the first phases of the import terminal in 2026, TES have said that the terminal could boast capacity for 20 million tonnes of LNG and electric natural gas.

Marco Alverà, CEO of TES, said: ” We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Uniper and NPorts to speed up the development of our Green Energy Hub,

“By converting sun and wind into sustainable eNG through the combination of green hydrogen and circular CO2, and utilising existing infrastructure, we will be able to deliver green, secure energy to leading European industrial companies.”