Valencia to Carry out First Hydrogen Test for Refuelling Station
Throughout January 2023, technicians from Valenciaport, the National Hydrogen Centre and Carburos Metalicos are expected to carry out the first hydrogen test for a refuelling station in Valencia, Spain.

The project aims to highlight how the Port of Valencia is positioned as the pioneering port in Europe in the development of hydrogen technologies.

It will see different tests being carried out with materials such as nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen to test the elements and mechanisms that make up the hydrogen generator of the Port of Valencia.

Being designed and built by the National Hydrogen Centre, the hydrogen supply station will include a fixed part that will be dedicated to the reception, storage, and compression of hydrogen up to delivery pressure, and a mobile part which will store the compressed hydrogen and include a dispenser of this fuel for refuelling the port machinery.

Involving a total investment of more than 4 million euros and involves, the initiative is part of H2Ports – Implementing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies in Ports.

Valenciaport has said it is committed to the fight against climate change and decarbonisation and is aiming to become an emissions-neutral precinct by 2030.