Hydrogen Hubs in Missouri to Produce 350 Tonnes per Year
In a bold attempt to create a 350-tonne per year hydrogen hub in Missouri, BayoTech and Ranken Technical College are teaming up to supply hydrogen, create local jobs, and educate students on the benefits of hydrogen as a fuel.

Situated at the Ranken College campus in St Louis, the hydrogen hub will be utilised by local customers operating zero-emission fuel cell vehicles. It will offer supply for hydrogen-intensive industrial processes. 

For its distribution, BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport trailers will be used, which have been redesigned for higher gas utilisation. 

The hydrogen will be delivered via BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport trailers, designed for higher gas utilisation. Containing type 3 composite cylinders, BayoTech claims the trailers can carry up to three times more hydrogen than traditional steel trailers. 

With a focus on creating highly skilled jobs, the expansion of this network will create local full-time jobs, and a separate social value element will see the introduction of a new curriculum in local schools to educate students looking to get into the green energy sector.