Grant Awarded to Develop a 2.4MW Hydrogen Project in Spain
Fusion Fuel has been awarded a €3.3m ($3.5m) grant by the H2 Pioneros programme to develop a 2.4 MW green hydrogen project in Spain. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the project aims to replace natural gas currently being used.

Planned to be developed in Toledo, Spain, the project is intended to supply green hydrogen to local industrial customers to replace natural gas that is currently being used in industrial processes.

It is said that the facility will feature the latest generation of its HEVO solution to produce approximately 110 tonnes of green hydrogen per annum.

The €3.3m subsidy will be representing around 57 per cent of the total estimated capital cost of the project, which is aiming to be built in 2024.

H2 Pioneers is one of the first funding calls under the Spanish Government’s Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) programme, which is supporting initiatives in renewable energy, green hydrogen and energy storage.