Liquid Hydrogen Booster Pump Developed for Hydrogen Power Generation
Japan’s Ebara Corporation has developed a liquid hydrogen booster pump. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this will help accelerate hydrogen power generation.

The pump will supply hydrogen to hydrogen power generation gas turbines and Ebara plans to launch the pump this year as the “world’s first” to supply liquid hydrogen fuel.

Ebara started developing the pump in 2019 under a New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) grant project.

Using this liquid hydrogen prototype pump, Ebara conducted a test with liquid hydrogen at -253°C at JAXA Noshiro Experimental Station in Akita last October.

It is said by the company that the test showed favourable results that contributed to designing a large flow rate booster pump.

Due to the high levels of technical difficulty, pumps with a large capacity capable of handling liquid hydrogen at -253°C and high pressure for power generation are not currently available on the market, so this pump from Ebara is aiming to accelerate hydrogen power generation.