How Feasible is Transporting Ammonia in Tankers?
Chevron Corporation and the Angelicoussis Group have agreed to collaborate on a Joint Study Agreement (JSA) aimed at investigating the feasibility of using tankers for the transportation of ammonia.

Under the JSA, an assessment will be conducted on various aspects related to ammonia transportation, such as the market demand, available infrastructure, safety considerations, anticipated future needs, and a preliminary system for transporting ammonia between the US Gulf Coast and Europe will be proposed.

The marine industry views ammonia as a promising carrier of hydrogen with the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the sector. By means of the JSA, Chevron Corporation and the Angelicoussis Group aim to enhance the technical and commercial viability of ammonia on a large scale as an export for various markets such as petrochemicals, power, and mobility.

The study will be conducted by Chevron Shipping Company, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, and Green Ships, the Energy Transition division of the Angelicoussis Group.

Austin Knight, Vice President, Hydrogen, Chevron New Energies, said, “Global value chain solutions are critical for growing the hydrogen market, and we believe shipping will play a crucial role.”