New Engineering and Manufacturing Facility Launched in Canada
The newly launched engineering and manufacturing facility for hydrogen and battery storage systems in Kelowna, Canada, by Hexagon Purus has been featured by Hydrogen Industry Leaders, emphasising the potential it presents for North America.

Up to 150 engineers and assembly technicians will be employed at the 60,000 sq ft facility, which is intended to facilitate the yearly manufacturing of over 1,000 battery systems for heavy-duty vehicle use.

This represents the company’s second site for manufacturing, which has been established this year, in addition to its hydrogen cylinder production plant in Westminster, Maryland, that opened in January.

Todd Sloan, EVP at Hexagon Purus, said, “We are currently providing battery and fuel cell electric systems for several heavy-duty trucking OEMs. This site will serve a dual role, not only as a highly automated battery pack production site but also a technical center of excellence for everything zero emission focused.”