Portuguese Green Hydrogen Project To Receive £10m
Fusion Fuel has revealed that it is set to secure an estimated €10 million grant to develop its 6.6 MW HEVO-Industria green hydrogen project in Sines, Portugal. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the grant will strengthen Portugal’s commitment to hydrogen mobility.

The project will feature 300 of Fusion Fuel’s HEVO-solar hydrogen generators integrated with a hydrogen refuelling station. These generators will combine 144 miniaturised PEM electrolysers which will be fixed to the back of high-efficiency concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) panels, which are installed with CPV trackers.

It is said that an estimated 764 tons of green hydrogen will be produced per year, and this is expected to be used for mobility and industrial applications in Sines or blended in the natural gas grid.

Equipped with the company’s HEVO-Night solution, green hydrogen will be able to be produced overnight or during periods of low solar irradiation. The funding was approved under Component 14 (C-14) of the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan.