Shell And Shenergy To Build Hydrogen Refuelling Network In China
Shell (China) Limited and Shanghai Shenergy Innovation and Development Co, an affiliate of Shenergy Group have signed an agreement to form a joint venture to build a network of hydrogen refuelling stations in Shanghai. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this will accelerate sustainable transportation in the area.

The joint venture aims to build 6 to 10 hydrogen refuelling stations in Shanghai and the Yangzte River Delta in the next five years and scale up to 30 stations by 2030.

With the capacity of supplying hydrogen to approximately 3,000 fuel cell trucks or buses daily, these 30 stations are thought to help accelerate the fuel cell vehicle adoption in road transportation in the Shanghai area.

It comes after China launched its carbon-peak and carbon-neutrality strategy and was backed by Shenergy Group.

As an integrated energy company, Shenergy are aiming to build a full value chain that covers production, storage, transportation, refuelling and utilisation of hydrogen.

Executive Chairman of Shell Companies in China, Jason Wong, said: “It is also expected that hydrogen will scale up significantly and make up at least 5% of China’s energy system by 2030. We see opportunities across the hydrogen value chain in China.”