Swedish Port To Introduce Hydrogen
With the goal of making the port the country’s most sustainable port, a new partnership has revealed that it seeks to integrate a hydrogen refuelling station at Stockholm Norvik Port, Sweden. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how building a hydrogen refuelling station adjacent to the port will help Sweden become more sustainable.

Ports of Stockholm and CMB.TECH are seeking to establish a major hydrogen collaboration at the port, with investment allowing companies to offer customers and collaboration partners the ability to transition to hydrogen.

In the first phase of this project, the partners will look to convert port vehicles to run on green hydrogen, with the first hydrogen-fuelled terminal truck planned to be in operation at the port in 2023.

The project is set to help support the overall development to use of cleaner fuels for overland transport and shipping, aiming to contribute to the wider climate goals of removing fossil fuels from operations by 2030.