Tasmania To Explore Green Hydrogen Distribution
Following the signing of an agreement, the distribution of hydrogen produced in Tasmania is set to be explored. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the island has the potential to produce green hydrogen.

Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen is set to work with Tas Gas to look at options to supply industrial and residential customers with green hydrogen produced from Countrywide’s Hydrogen Tasmania Brighton Project.

The companies have said that they will explore the technical and commercial requirements to supply customers with both 100 per cent hydrogen and blends with natural gas.

While the Hydrogen Tasmania Brighton Project plans to supply industry, gas users, public transport, and trucking with clean fuel, with production and distribution facilities set to be constructed.

It comes after the Tasmanian Government revealed its hydrogen action plan back in November 2019, which discovered that the island had the potential to produce green hydrogen for up to 15 per cent less than the mainland power grid.